Plate and frame filter press dewatering effect is how to return a responsibility?

Plate and frame filter press is now more common use of industrial equipment, used in the early stage, feeding and dehydration speed is very fast, but the long time use is becoming more and more slowly. How is this going? Today the press management personnel to give everyone say. We first use the process of elimination of early, late is normal, not normal,that is not much of a problem. As is known to all, the plate and frame filter press is to rely on the positive pressure pressure dehydration, the water through the filter medium – tointercept the filter material. Material: if the latter does not change the process, this is notthe main reason. If the process is changed, it would have to consider whether the problemis the use of technology. The feed pump, used for a long time, feed pump will wearphenomenon, check the flow is reduced, the pump pressure is reached. Feeding before 70% time has no effect on the pressure, pressure is the pressure during dehydration is the key. In addition, whether the pump into the air, once in the air, pump into the material is very slow. Filter press cloth: the cloth after a period of use, the cloth will plug the pores, itwill greatly reduce the performance of dehydration. If it is because of the problem of filter cloth, filter cloth is recommended to the thorough cleaning by high pressure gun, washing,can also be used for cleaning industrial washing machine. The main is to filter the cracks in the material clean. To sum up, as you experience summed up the reason of press filteris poor, I hope for your solution to the problem of reference help.