How to prevent the plate and frame filter cloth blockage problem?

1 plate and frame filter press filter cloth as the material, the filter holes size and interfacetechnique and other factors will affect the filtering effect of the filter cloth, filter cloth will also lead to blockage;

Using 2 polyester material, this material is generally applicable to the acid filtering material, but also of high temperature resistant, strong tensile, longitudinal and transversestability, wear resistance after nylon

Currently on the market, and this is the most widely used material for filter;

3 filter uses polypropylene, the material of the acid and alkaline resistance is better, the general use at temperatures below 90 degrees, the disadvantage is the low tensile strength. In general, most of the enterprises will not choose it, but there are some special industry will choose, this product is high alkali tolerance.

Filter clogging will seriously affect the filtering effect of plate and frame filter press and itswork efficiency, through the above analysis, I believe that everyone has more or less understanding of some of the heart. So, filter press equipment in daily work, choose suitable filter is the key.