Filter cloth knowledge

A, first select the filter pH environment:

Filtering environment is acidic or basic, and then can choose cloth material, nylon alkali resistant not resistant to acid; polyester resistant to acid not alkali resistant; polypropyleneand polyethylene acid and alkali resistant maximum span;

Two, the selection of filtering precision:

The filtering precision is higher, the higher the demand of cloth.

Three, filtration temperature selection:

Filtering environment over 100 degrees should choose or nylon and polyester, aramid,Xuan Wuyan and other materials, but the general environment, can be competent forpolypropylene;

Four, material selection:

Recovery of scarce resources should choose high filtration precision, no wear filter cloth,filter speed slower but generally this kind of cloth; selection filter fast common resources are appropriate, cloth and not easy to jam;

Five, the selection of filtering machine

Belt type filter press are generally filtered out of the ordinary material, so should beaccording to the cloth material particle selection filter speed fast;

The removable filter general filtration of scarce resources, therefore, require a higherfiltering precision of filter cloth;

Plate and frame filter press filter with the general viscosity of the material, and the pressure is bigger, so the strength and precision of the filter cloth have the very high request.